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Essay Being Deaf doesnt Mean Being Silent - 975 Words

Imagine using no spoken words, not hearing at all, yet at the same time communicating perfectly. By use of American Sign Language (ASL), many people communicate everyday. They share stories of hope and despair, trade ideas and opinions, cry and laugh. Their difference is one that is important in their lives, yet does not in any way decrease the value of those lives. Deafness is such a unique, insightful, and wonderful loss. It is one with such beauty and meaning. Deafness is one disability that isnt really a disability at all. Instead many prefer to look at it as a culture. The Deaf culture is made up of primarily deaf people who view their hearing loss as a different way of life. These people use their native tongue, American†¦show more content†¦The receiver can and will pick up on more than the words, but a real sense of what you are feeling. It portrays ones whole opinion, thought process, and self. Many hearing people still think ASL is made up of only the ma nual alphabet; nothing could be more wrong. ASL is made up of billions of signs, phrases, and anecdotes. There are signs for all kinds of genres; any word can be translated from word to sign. nbsp; The culture itself is one of proud close-knit individuals, who are reality based. These people tend to be more open, honest, and caring than hearing people who are concerned with fitting in. They have banded together for what they believe in, and so in a sense they are all family. nbsp; It is true that these people miss the sound of the ocean roaring, popcorn popping, or bacon sizzling. Many have never known what a roar, whistle, rumble, or voice sounds like. It is sad that these sounds and many others are not part of their everyday lives. Yet in the same sense, many hearing people miss out on the smiles and twinkling eyes that deaf people cherish and value. Many people think not being able to hear would be awful, separate, lonely, and boring. In reality it is not the hearing loss itself that creates the stigma, but the people who view deafness as a disability. nbsp; There are hearing people out there that feel it is very important to teach deafShow MoreRelatedThe Communication Barriers Of Deaf People972 Words   |  4 PagesOur world has changed so much, especially for Deaf people. Less than a century ago, the ability to text and email weren’t available, and communication between Deaf and hearing people seemed much harder. Deaf people became weary of interactions with hearing people, for fear of being scammed or cheated. People who were hearing and knew sign language were sparse. Love Is Never Silent shows the communication barriers and how, for a Deaf couple, they relied on their hearing daughter to be their ears inRead MoreLove Is Never Silent1191 Words   |  5 PagesDeaf Event For my American Sign Language class I needed to attend some type of Deaf event. The event I chose was the showing of Love is Never Silent on October 22nd from 6-8pm in Wiley Hall at the University of Minnesota. Love is Never Silent is a very touching and powerful television movie from 1985. This movie can help the hearing world get a look at what it is like to have family members that are Deaf. This movie was also probably an inspiration for Deaf people by how relatable it could beRead MoreThrough Deaf Eyes Reflection Paper1708 Words   |  7 PagesThrough Deaf Eyes Reflection Paper â€Å"Through Deaf Eyes† was a documentary that really opened my eyes and allowed me to understand just a small fraction of what it may be like for a Deaf person to live in a hearing world. The first thing that really stuck with me was the fact that the film was all silent. The part that made it easy for me to understand was the fact that there was closed captioning. All throughout the film, all participants, both Deaf and hearing, were signing at what seemed like lightningRead MoreThe Deaf Community of Puget Sound850 Words   |  3 Pagescompletely deaf. And even though there are many people that are deaf, many hearing people know little to nothing about how deaf people live. Delving into the silent world reveals a great deal about the deaf community, deaf culture, and the largest controversy in the Deaf community. One of the most crucial facts that hearing people must know about the Deaf community is that you don’t have to be deaf to be a part of the deaf community. â€Å"The Deaf Community is comprised of individuals, both deaf and hearingRead More American Sign Language Essay1675 Words   |  7 Pages In learning about the deaf culture I have taken on a new understanding about the people it includes. Through readings and the lessons, I have learned that being deaf has both its hardships and its blessings. The beauty of the language alone makes one want to learn all that he or she can about it. In this paper I will discuss the beauty of the language and the misconceptions the hearing world has about deafness. The deaf culture has often been labeled as the deaf- and- dumb culture. ThisRead MoreEssay about The Crying of Lot 493748 Words   |  15 PagesOedipas urge to decipher, and she sacrifices all--life, husband, lover, stability--to what becomes her cause celebrà ©:differentiating meaningful information from meaningless noise.And we come to understand that Oedipas urgent meaning--that quality of being Oedipa which separates and defines her--is the message she longs to extract from the chaos of signals around her; and that her generalized fear has solidified into a specific struggle to prevent this newly acquired self from disintegrating back intoRead MoreSign Language Is A Complex System Of Communication2007 Words   |  9 Pagespositions, and other gestures. Sign Language has played a signiï ¬ cant role in deaf and hard of hearing culture and is the major communication alternative for those whom are deaf or hard of hearing with a beautiful history of origin. Beings who were deaf did not have a voice to communicate with, but when Sign Language was created it gave said individuals a symbolic voice. Sign language started a new culture for the deaf and brought deaf people around the world together. Sign language is seen as an authenticRead MoreEssay about Carson McCullerss The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter1816 Words   |  8 Pages Everyone in this book is lonely as hell and they are looking for who they are. John Singer a deaf man who rents a room from the Kelly family and earns his living as a silver engraver. He is a confidant and comfort to Jake Blount, and Doctor Copeland, John Singers silent suffering and desolate loneliness are perhaps the most poignant of all. John Singer generously devotes himself to his compulsive deaf best friend, Spiros Antonapoulos. Jake Blount is an itinerant alcoholic vacillating between violentRead MoreEssay On Russa Chapter 11211 Words   |  5 PagesWhich statement? That you wish you were deaf? Allea glowered. Loki grinned. As quick as it had existed, the grin on Lokis face vanished. You dont really think that†¦ threat scares me. Graced with a serious expression, Loki leaned his chin against the back of his hand, resting his elbow on his knee as he scanned the agent. No, youre not that daft. What kind of muzzle would you like: leather or metal? Again, the grin appeared, a mix of silent amusement and a crazed snarl. You can stopRead MoreCommunication2433 Words   |  10 Pagescountries and different cultures would speak in a way we would not understand. Informal Communication is the opposite of formal communication. It is usually used when in face to face conversation with a friend or relative, the information that is being transmitted is often less detailed than it would be if you were in a formal situation. Informal communication is also used in e-mail, texts, and telephone conversations. The role of informal communication is to build relationships and encourage trust;

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