Monday, May 25, 2020

Acceptance in The Clod and the Pebble by William Blake Essay

Love comes in every way, shape and form, whether it be living under cattle’s feet or living in a beautiful creek. The theme of â€Å"The Clod and the Pebble† by William Blake is portrayed through very unique imagery, awesome word choice, and extraordinary relationships. This eccentric poem by William Blake talks about the different lives of a very simple clod and a pebble in which live in two opposite worlds. The way he starts this poem can be very misleading until the second stanza, in here it starts to tell us what it’s really about. William Blake then explains to us the two lives of these two very different souls. The theme of â€Å"The Clod and the Pebble† is to accept your life no matter where you live or travel and to not be that person who†¦show more content†¦I believe this is sending some sort of message to the reader of this extraordinary poem. The secret message very well could be the fact that if you live in basically the worst place o n Earth makes it like heaven instead of Satan’s realm because it’s the best you can do at the moment. I place confidence in that this is what William is attempting to explain to us so we shall make the best out of what we have in our life. When he first introduced this character he probably thought that we would think it’s just a Clod of Clay and it has no importance or any reason to impact how we think. The awesome word choice in this erratic poem by William Blake has an array of words ranging from simple adjectives to Shakespearean era adjectives which is more than expected when first reading this poem. You’ll be thrown some superb examples in these next few upcoming sentences. When he switches gears to the Pebble he then proceeds to tell us that the pebbled â€Å"warbled† which says that he’s singing. William claims, â€Å"Warbled out these meters meet:† We hope you think that this means that he’s about to sing about his lif e in the beautiful brook it dwells in. Although with that astonishing word, we can do better than that word. In the first line of the fourth stanza is essentially explaining that love doesn’t care about anything in the Milky Way Galaxy besides itself and no object or organism will stand in itsShow MoreRelatedSongs Of Innocence And Of Experience By William Blake Analysis868 Words   |  4 PagesSongs of Innocence and of Experience is the foundation of the work of one of the greatest. English poets and artists. The two sets of poems reveal what William Blake calls â€Å"the two contrary states of the human soul.† In both series, he offers clues to deeper meanings and suggests ways out of the apparent trap of selfhood, so that each reading provides greater insight and understanding, not only to the poems but also to human life. Throughout this poem, the logic of this poem favors experience rather

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